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Deval Patrick 2020: Time to Take It Seriously

Move over, Elizabeth Warren—there’s another #mapoli luminary stirring speculation of a 2020 presidential run. Former Governor Deval Patrick’s recent comments to an NPR affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri have stoked talk that he might be eyeing the White House, and there’s other circumstantial evidence that suggests it’s not just idle chatter. But how likely is it that both Warren and Patrick would both get in the race?

In this episode of the Scrum, WGBH senior editor Ken Cooper offers some inside intel which indicates Patrick may have been contemplating a run for a while; Peter Kadzis argues that signs point to Patrick being very serious about a bid; and Adam Reilly waxes nostalgic about Patrick’s ability to make everyone he talks to feel like they’re being listened to with the utmost attentiveness. Taking a different tack: former Patrick campaign manager / current Setti Warren senior advisor John Walsh, who urges Cooper, Kadzis, and Reilly not to treat Patrick for President as a done deal...yet.

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talk about the impact the budget gap will have on the careers of current Gov. Charlie Baker and former Gov. Deval Patrick.

Dosvidaniya, Deval Patrick

On the day Deval Patrick takes the "lone walk" out of the State House, The Scrum podcast gives Patrick his final report card and reflects on Charlie Baker's taste in music. 

The Scrum Podcast: Politics And Prince With Mo Cowan

The Scrum podcast heads to Capitol Coffee on Beacon Hill for a chat with the former (and future?) Senator Mo Cowan. Reilly speaks with him about wrestling Mitch McConnell, what Charlie Baker learned from Deval Patrick, and why he's not ruling out a return to public life.

Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly ponder Deval Patrick's unexpected and unusual endorsement of AG candidate Warren Tolman.

Adam Reilly and David Bernstein talk about the end of the legislative partnership among Gov. Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray and House Speaker Robert DeLeo.

What's Next For Deval Patrick? Gov. Deval Patrick is making waves nationally with talk of a hypothetical, post-2016 run for president. Meanwhile, at home, he's beset by problems, chief among them the DCF scandal. 
Special guest Scrummers Mara Dolan and Meredith Warren join Adam Reilly to ponder Patrick's future.
Adam Reilly talks to Peter Kadzis about Gov. Deval Patrick's Cary Grant routine, and to David Bernstein about Warren Tolman getting iffy on Clean Elections for his A.G. run.

The State of the Scrum is strong: Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis and David Bernstein preview what Gov. Deval Patrick and President Barack Obama will say in their State-of speeches tonight. 

It's cart-before-the-horse week at The Scrum -- Lighting Rounds today and an extra-special State of the Commonwealth/State of the Union edition of The Scrum on Monday.

In the meantime, watch Adam Reilly and David Bernstein talk about encouraging poll results for both Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley and GOP corner-office aspirant Charlie Baker, while Reilly and Peter Kadzis compare the financial situations in which Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh find themselves.

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