Elizabeth Warren

Deval Patrick 2020: Time to Take It Seriously

Move over, Elizabeth Warren—there’s another #mapoli luminary stirring speculation of a 2020 presidential run. Former Governor Deval Patrick’s recent comments to an NPR affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri have stoked talk that he might be eyeing the White House, and there’s other circumstantial evidence that suggests it’s not just idle chatter. But how likely is it that both Warren and Patrick would both get in the race?

In this episode of the Scrum, WGBH senior editor Ken Cooper offers some inside intel which indicates Patrick may have been contemplating a run for a while; Peter Kadzis argues that signs point to Patrick being very serious about a bid; and Adam Reilly waxes nostalgic about Patrick’s ability to make everyone he talks to feel like they’re being listened to with the utmost attentiveness. Taking a different tack: former Patrick campaign manager / current Setti Warren senior advisor John Walsh, who urges Cooper, Kadzis, and Reilly not to treat Patrick for President as a done deal...yet.

For many journalists, reporting on Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, scourge of the plutocracy and patron saint of progressives, is not unlike reporting on Ebola.

(Still) Ready for Warren?

Not everyone sees 2016 in such stark, Hillary Clinton-centric terms. Erica Sagrans and her compatriots at Ready for Warren still think there's a chance they'll convince Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to challenge Clinton--and that, whether she runs or not, Warren's ideas and beliefs are already shaping the race as a whole.

Bostonians In Exile

The Scrum podcast promises to talk politics & media "from Beacon Hill to the Beltway," and this week we took that literally. David S. Bernstein gathered up a few "Bostonians in exile" at the NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C.-- Boston Globe Washington correspondent Matt Viser; and USA Today reporter Donovan Slack.

Every Party Has A Pooper

David Bernstein surfaces! And Governor-elect Charlie Baker speaks (sort of)!

What's Your 2015 Political Resolution?

As 2015 approaches, it's a natural time to take stock of the year gone by and to craft our aspirations for the year to come. And that's as true in the world of Massachusetts politics as it is anywhere els

Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis and David Bernstein ponder the "conservative marketplace" and the impact renewed talk about Benghazi and Monica Lewinsky could have on Hillary Clinton's presidential prospects.

Adam Reilly and David Bernstein talk about Sen. Elizabeth Warren's book, "A Fighting Chance."

ADAM REILLY: Peter, I wanted to kick around a question you and I were debating in the office earlier today — namely, whether Elizabeth Warren’s headline-generating pledge to serve the remainder of her Senate term was sincere or not. As you know, I’m skeptical.

On a very special episode of The Scrum, Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis and David Bernstein embrace 2016 speculation, as well as each other.

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