Memorials at the Place de Republique in Paris

The Scrum sits down with Juliette Kayyem, host of the Security Mom podcast, and veteran foreign correspondent Charlie Sennott, head of The GroundTruth Project, to go beyond the headlines of the Paris attacks. Plus, Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly analyze Governor Charlie Baker's stance on Syrian refugees.

During last night's 11th-hour debate on a measure to reform the state's public records laws to increase transparency, the House's Democratic majority voted down a motion to increase its own transparency. The vote wasn't a surprise inside the halls of the State House, but it may have ramifications next year if a powerful conservative nonprofit group has anything to say about it.

An IndyCar race

Reporter Adam Reilly sits down with Mark Perrone, the CEO of Grand Prix of Boston, about bringing a largescale sporting event to Boston in the wake of Boston 2024’s failed Olympic bid.

Senate President Stan Rosenberg

The world of Massachusetts politics can be a little Boston-centric. Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis sat down with Senate President Stan Rosenberg—who represents a few of the state's western districts—to talk about what the folks around here get wrong about the Wild West.

The Scrum goes on a road trip to visit Joe McQuaid, the legendary publisher of the New Hampshire Union Leader—a newspaper that has a particularly strong influence during presidential primary season.

Evan Falchuk's comments on the latest Scrum elicit pushback from the Grand Prix of Boston.

Falchuk sat down with Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly on The Scrum podcast with his final take on the failed Boston 2024 bid and how his party has begun to rebuild now that the bid is kaput.

The mothership

Has the gun control debate in Washington turned Congressman Seth Moulton from idealist to cynic? David Bernstein, Peter Kadzis, and Adam Reilly of WGBH News caught up and took stock of the Bay State's representatives in Washington.

One of Beacon Hill's biggest power players was left out of the BBJ's "Power 50" list.
Marty Walsh

Mayor Marty Walsh is coming up on his 2 year anniversary as mayor of Boston. But with high approval ratings, a formidable war chest, and close working relationship with the state’s Republican governor, is Walsh already on track to be the city’s next “mayor for life?” 

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