Trauma, Truthers, and (Maybe) Closure: Covering The Tsarnaev Trial
Three questions this week for reporters covering the trial of DzhokharTsarnaev: How does a reporter's personal life shape his or her coverage? What's the best way to engage Tsarnaev conspiracy theorists? Was this trial necessary for bombing survivors-- and Boston as a whole?
Ted Cruz-O-Rama: The Iowa Caucus and N.H. Primary

Are the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries too rural, too white, too unrepresentative?

Bostonians In Exile

The Scrum podcast promises to talk politics & media "from Beacon Hill to the Beltway," and this week we took that literally. David S. Bernstein gathered up a few "Bostonians in exile" at the NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C.-- Boston Globe Washington correspondent Matt Viser; and USA Today reporter Donovan Slack.

Sing And Shut Up: St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Redux

Behold South Boston's annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast-- the most Boston of Boston political traditions, where "the self-important celebrate the self-obsessed".

Behind The Push To Keep The Olympics Out Of Boston

How do you fight a fight that seems like a forgone conclusion? The Scrum's Adam Reilly headed to City Hall to speak with two volunteers behind the No Boston Olympics team.

Charlie Baker's Brain: A User's Guide

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker touted his management skills on the campaign trail. So, what, exactly, does it mean to manage the way Charlie Baker manages?

For political observers outside of the district, the race is less about East Boston and more about who is backing which candidate. Both Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Gov. Charlie Baker are seen as having favorites in the race.

In spite of themselves, Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis ponder the undying potential presidential candidacy of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis discuss whether there's been a sea change in how we talk about terror.

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis break down a bill intended to make the Boston 2024 Olympic bid more transparent.

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