WGBH News reporter Sarah Birnbaum recorded this unedited sound of Gov. Deval Patrick reacting to the probation verdict and more.

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talk about Sen. Marco Rubio's assertion that Hillary Clinton is a woman of the previous century.

Adam Reilly and David Bernstein talk about GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker positioning himself as the state gets ready to house undocumented children.

“What kind of rotten atmosphere exists on Beacon Hill that forced public employees to break federal law and commit conspiracy and wire fraud in order to appease a Legislature dominated by Democrats in exchange for budget increases? Today’s guilty verdict proves that it’s time to end politics as usual here in the Commonwealth. Since Attorney General Martha Coakley refuses to take action against the unindicted co-conspirators, then it is up to the voters to end the corruption on Beacon Hill by electing new leaders.”

It's a milestone edition of the Scrum podcast--the first installment to feature a candidate for office and the first installment to feature a former professional athlete. 

Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly talk about former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown's lagging Senate campaign in New Hampshire.

David Bernstein and Adam Reilly talk about Sen. Elizabeth Warren's sway and future after a big fundraising quarter.

House Speaker DeLeo's statement to allegations that he engaged in criminal conspiracy in the job-rigging trial of the state probation department. 

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