A closer look at the strategy behind one of the most powerful PACs in D.C.- EMILY's List, and we meet Scrum Primary Challenge top-prognosticator Heather Foley.

Results from The Scrum's first-ever Primary Prediction Challenge are in. 

The Scrum podcast takes a trip to the Democrats' post-primary "unity breakfast". Our first impromptu political guest Juliette Kayyem stops by and drops some "goddamn" knowledge. ​

Why you should vote in the primary. Explained in GIFs. 

Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly ponder Deval Patrick's unexpected and unusual endorsement of AG candidate Warren Tolman.

In which Scrum podcast host Adam Reilly coins the phrase "Grossmentum", and the podcast "futurecasts" with conservative blogger Rob Eno. 

Former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank agreed to take some time out of his teaching schedule over at Harvard and joined us in The Scrum studio.

The Massachusetts primary elections are nearly upon us--they go down on September 9!--which means it's time for The Scrum's first-ever #MaPoli Prediction Challenge.

Adam Reilly and David Bernstein ponder the dearth of political ads so far this election season.

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talk about whether the Ferguson protests will transform into a sustainable social movement.

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