Martha Coakley

What's Your 2015 Political Resolution?

As 2015 approaches, it's a natural time to take stock of the year gone by and to craft our aspirations for the year to come. And that's as true in the world of Massachusetts politics as it is anywhere els

Good Luck, Charlie

Massachusetts elects an attractive man who has not held any elected office before, with a business demeanor talking about reforming Beacon Hill. We're starting to see a pattern, here. This week: post-election Scrum.

The Scrum Podcast: Campaign Ad Nauseum

If you turn on the TV between now and November 4th, be prepared to see lots of political ads. This week, The Scrum podcast bring you the good, the bad, and the unfair in the world of Massachusetts and Boston campaign ads.

David Bernstein, Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly handicap tonight's one-on-one debate between Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker.

In which Scrum podcast host Adam Reilly coins the phrase "Grossmentum", and the podcast "futurecasts" with conservative blogger Rob Eno. 

Peter Kadzis channels Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross to explain why gubernatorial candidate Steve Grossman is trying to paint his opponent Martha Coakley as a flip-flopper.

Last week, state Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Steve Grossman called Attorney General and fellow gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley "squishy" on crime. 
Adam Reilly and David Bernstein ask: What's up with that?

It's cart-before-the-horse week at The Scrum -- Lighting Rounds today and an extra-special State of the Commonwealth/State of the Union edition of The Scrum on Monday.

In the meantime, watch Adam Reilly and David Bernstein talk about encouraging poll results for both Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley and GOP corner-office aspirant Charlie Baker, while Reilly and Peter Kadzis compare the financial situations in which Gov. Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh find themselves.

Adam Reilly and David Bernstein talk about a report about finance problems in Attorney General Martha Coakley's gubernatorial campaign.

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