It's one of the defining political debates of 2016 here in Massachusetts—but so far, we haven't seen or heard supporters and opponents of legalizing recreational marijuana sitting down face-to-face to hash things out. (Get it???)

Enter the Scrum! 

There's a big Massachusetts Senate election coming up in less than a week, #mapoli fans. The Scrum asked all seven candidates to come in for a sort of political speed-dating session, and five joined in the fun.

Tito Jackson

City Councilor Tito Jackson joined reporter Adam Reilly and WGBHNews.org Senior Editor Peter Kadzis to discuss the proposed Boston Public School budget, the extension of the BRA’s redevelopment powers, and whether or not he’d ever consider challenging Mayor Marty Walsh for his seat.

Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly of WGBH News took in this year's breakfast at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center--then sized up the proceedings as they were winding down, along with Lauren Dezenski of Politico Massachusetts and Gintautaus Dumcius of MassLive.com and the Springfield Republican.

Our crack roundtable—or scrumtable, if you will—tackles some of the biggest headlines in #mapoli and beyond.

Michelle Wu

Reporter Adam Reilly and WGBHNews.org Senior Editor Peter Kadzis sat down with Michelle Wu, the first Asian-American Boston City Council President.

It's not easy being green. Just ask Governor Charlie Baker. This week, The Scrum takes a look at his approach to renewable energy plans.


Our usual order of business around here at The Scrum is to ask #mapoli a lot of questions. But this week, we kept is simple: what's on your holiday wish list this year?

San Bernardino, CA

Here we are again: wrestling with the aftermath of a mass shooting in the United States. Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis, and David Bernstein look at how policymakers struggle to respond, time and time again.

An IndyCar race

Reporter Adam Reilly sits down with Mark Perrone, the CEO of Grand Prix of Boston, about bringing a largescale sporting event to Boston in the wake of Boston 2024’s failed Olympic bid.

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