GOP Rumbles In Worcester

Scott Lively's 27 percent showing at the Massachusetts Republican state convention demonstrates that the hard right is a force to be reckoned with. That it took two ballots for Trump-supporting U.S. Senate candidate Geoff Diehl to clinch the GOP endorsement shows that the Trumpians are not muscle bound, well, at least not ripped. An exhausted but ebullient Diehl joined the Scrum minutes after the convention was gaveled to its close. Other guests include: Michael Jonas of Commonwealth Magazine, Republican delegates Ed Lyons and Amy Carnevale. And from the WGBH political team: Antonio Caban, Mike Deehan, Adam Reilly, and Peter Kadzis.

Deval Patrick 2020: Time to Take It Seriously

Move over, Elizabeth Warren—there’s another #mapoli luminary stirring speculation of a 2020 presidential run. Former Governor Deval Patrick’s recent comments to an NPR affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri have stoked talk that he might be eyeing the White House, and there’s other circumstantial evidence that suggests it’s not just idle chatter. But how likely is it that both Warren and Patrick would both get in the race?

In this episode of the Scrum, WGBH senior editor Ken Cooper offers some inside intel which indicates Patrick may have been contemplating a run for a while; Peter Kadzis argues that signs point to Patrick being very serious about a bid; and Adam Reilly waxes nostalgic about Patrick’s ability to make everyone he talks to feel like they’re being listened to with the utmost attentiveness. Taking a different tack: former Patrick campaign manager / current Setti Warren senior advisor John Walsh, who urges Cooper, Kadzis, and Reilly not to treat Patrick for President as a done deal...yet.

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