Marty Walsh

In less than one week, Boston voters will either give Mayor Marty Walsh a second term or hand the reins of the city government to his challenger, City Councilor Tito Jackson. The Scrum invited Walsh and Jackson to answer a few lingering questions and then make their final pitch to the electorate. Walsh wasn't able to participate, but Jackson was. Take a listen as he makes his case.


We've reached the stretch drive in Boston's mayoral race, with one Marty Walsh-Tito Jackson debate already on the books and one more slated for October 24. Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talk to Boston political scribe extraordinaire David Bernstein about the questions he thinks Jackson and Walsh still need to answer before voters head to the polls on November 7.

It's been a pretty rough stretch for Marty Walsh. In recent days, the Boston mayor has seen his name linked to a federal labor probe in the pages of The Boston Globe; watched the Grand Prix of Boston, an event he staunchly supported, go up in smoke; and—last but definitely not least—battled the incredibly painful scourge of kidney stones. 

Tito Jackson

City Councilor Tito Jackson joined reporter Adam Reilly and WGBHNews.org Senior Editor Peter Kadzis to discuss the proposed Boston Public School budget, the extension of the BRA’s redevelopment powers, and whether or not he’d ever consider challenging Mayor Marty Walsh for his seat.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh gave his second State of the City address Tuesday night at Symphony Hall. Afterward, the Scrum caught up with a bevy of political observers to get their take on what the mayor had to say--and what he decided to omit or gloss over. 

Marty Walsh

Mayor Marty Walsh is coming up on his 2 year anniversary as mayor of Boston. But with high approval ratings, a formidable war chest, and close working relationship with the state’s Republican governor, is Walsh already on track to be the city’s next “mayor for life?” 

Sing And Shut Up: St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Redux

Behold South Boston's annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast-- the most Boston of Boston political traditions, where "the self-important celebrate the self-obsessed".

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Race, Recovery, and Pressure from the Press

As Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wraps up his first year in office, The Scrum sat down with him to size up what he was pleased with, what was more challenging than he expected— and more personal topics including why Mayor Menino's passing has changed the way he feels about his job, and his ability to balance being an active member of the recovery community with a job that requires non-stop attention.

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talk about Boston Mayor Marty Walsh negotiating an $18 million deal with Mohegan Sun, which wants to build a casino in Revere.

Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis and David Bernstein talk about Mayor Marty Walsh's contract negotiations with the firefighters' union.

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