November 12, 2014

He entered public life like a comet, blazing brightly into the U.S. Senate from his post as Chief of Staff in the Patrick Administration after John Kerry left a vacancy-- and then, within months, returning to the private sector. Through it all, though, Mo Cowan has kept his finger on the Massachusetts political pulse. (He's also a must-follow on Twitter)

Sen. Cowan joined The Scrum podcast at Capitol Coffee on Beacon Hill (5:40) to talk about why Charlie Baker's vision for Massachusetts gives him Déjà vu--and to offer an inside glimpse into Senate Majority Leader-in-Waiting Mitch McConnell's M.O. Also discussed: if the 2014 election cycle were a Prince song, which one would it be? And might a return to electoral politics be in the offing? 

Also in the podcast: Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly size up Charlie Baker's first full week as governor-elect (01:00) --and Scrum Prediction Challenge winner Lyn Ketterer tells us how she predicted last week's elections more accurately than David Bernstein and everyone else (03:36).

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Charlie Baker, Mitch McConnell, Deval Patrick

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