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The Scrum Takes the State House

It’s been a tempting narrative every since Stan Roseberg’s hold on his former post began to slip away: compared to the tightly controlled, almost mechanical Massachusetts House, the Mass. Senate is a body in disarray. But does the storyline hold up? Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly kick it around with Mike Deehan, WGBH News’s State House correspondent, and State House News Service reporter Katie Lannan.

Dan Kennedy on the Future of Newspapers

Dan Kennedy’s new book, “The Return of the Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry Are Remaking Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century,” is more than just a look at how two highly regarded newspapers are adapting to the way we live now. It’s also a clear-eyed, often bracing inquiry into whether modern business realities and habits of mind can coexist with the high-quality journalism that’s driven American civic life for decades. Kennedy, who’s a WGBH News contributor, discusses his conclusions with WGBH News reporter Adam Reilly and senior editor Peter Kadzis, both of whom he previously worked with at the late, lamented Boston Phoenix.

Deval Patrick 2020: Time to Take It Seriously

Move over, Elizabeth Warren—there’s another #mapoli luminary stirring speculation of a 2020 presidential run. Former Governor Deval Patrick’s recent comments to an NPR affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri have stoked talk that he might be eyeing the White House, and there’s other circumstantial evidence that suggests it’s not just idle chatter. But how likely is it that both Warren and Patrick would both get in the race?

In this episode of the Scrum, WGBH senior editor Ken Cooper offers some inside intel which indicates Patrick may have been contemplating a run for a while; Peter Kadzis argues that signs point to Patrick being very serious about a bid; and Adam Reilly waxes nostalgic about Patrick’s ability to make everyone he talks to feel like they’re being listened to with the utmost attentiveness. Taking a different tack: former Patrick campaign manager / current Setti Warren senior advisor John Walsh, who urges Cooper, Kadzis, and Reilly not to treat Patrick for President as a done deal...yet.

How Setti Warren Would Run Massachusetts

The Scrum rounds out its conversations with the Democratic candidates for governor with Setti Warren, the former mayor of Newton. Yawu Miller, senior editor at the Bay State Banner, joins WGBH News’s Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly for the conversation.


In this episode, Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis kick the tires on city bike safety and policy with Wendy Landman of WalkBoston and Becca Wolfson of the Boston Cyclists Union and then talk with Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi about how Mayor Walsh has handled biking politics. 

Tito Jackson Speaks: What he regrets — and what he doesn’t
Unseating an incumbent Boston mayor is never easy: it hasn’t happened since 1949, when John Hynes beat James Michael Curley. But that doesn’t fully capture the magnitude of the challenge facing City Councilor Tito Jackson. Jackson’s opponent, Mayor Marty Walsh, has been generating favorable media coverage all year as he pushes back hard against the Trump Administration. What’s more, Jackson is trying to recover from a rough week that included a Boston Globe story about his years as a pharmaceutical rep who marketed opioids and an incident with a WGBH News reporter that led Jackson to issue an apology. Jackson sat down with Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis to discuss those developments, the state of his campaign, race in the city, and the challenge of running for mayor in the age of Trump.   
Brianna Wu Wants To Tax Your Robots (And Do Some Other Things Too)

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis sat down with Brianna Wu recently to talk about her Congressional campaign against entrenched incumbent Rep. Steven Lynch and why she deserves your vote.

Trump And The Press: Reality Bites Trump, Trump Bites Back
The State Of The State Of The City

WGBH's Adam Reilly, Mike Deehan, and Peter Kadzis discuss Mayor Walsh's State of the City address.

Andrew Bacevich: Deconstructing Trump's Military 'Bromance'

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis spoke with American foreign policy and military expert Andrew Bacevich about the strikingly militaristic nature of President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. 

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