Charlie Baker

How Setti Warren Would Run Massachusetts

The Scrum rounds out its conversations with the Democratic candidates for governor with Setti Warren, the former mayor of Newton. Yawu Miller, senior editor at the Bay State Banner, joins WGBH News’s Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly for the conversation.

Bob Massie Makes His Case

Given his incredible life story, it’s no surprise that Bob Massie thinks reports of incumbent Governor Charlie Baker’s invincibility have been greatly exaggerated. In this episode of the Scrum, Massie deconstructs what he calls the Charlie Baker “Jedi mind trick,” describes the radically different approach he’d bring to the Corner Office, and explains why he thinks he’s a better choice than his Democratic rivals, Jay Gonzalez and Setti Warren. Boston Globe reporter Meghan Irons joins Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly for the conversation.

It's not easy being green. Just ask Governor Charlie Baker. This week, The Scrum takes a look at his approach to renewable energy plans.

Charlie Baker's Brain: A User's Guide

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker touted his management skills on the campaign trail. So, what, exactly, does it mean to manage the way Charlie Baker manages?

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talk about the impact the budget gap will have on the careers of current Gov. Charlie Baker and former Gov. Deval Patrick.

The Politics of Snowstorms

The Scrum podcast takes a closer look at Governor Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's governing during one of the biggest snow weeks in Massachusetts history. Plus, how long will "Dear Leader" (aka House Speaker Robert DeLeo) stay on as Speaker?

Dosvidaniya, Deval Patrick

On the day Deval Patrick takes the "lone walk" out of the State House, The Scrum podcast gives Patrick his final report card and reflects on Charlie Baker's taste in music. 

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis think Charlie Baker might hit it off famousley with the leglslature.

Every Party Has A Pooper

David Bernstein surfaces! And Governor-elect Charlie Baker speaks (sort of)!

What's Your 2015 Political Resolution?

As 2015 approaches, it's a natural time to take stock of the year gone by and to craft our aspirations for the year to come. And that's as true in the world of Massachusetts politics as it is anywhere els

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