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Educators estimate nearly 25 percent of college students want to be entrepreneurs. That's why more programs that teach entrepreneurship have emerged in academia.

But can it be taught? Most people don't spring out of the ground fully formed as a savvy entrepreneur, so a main challenge is teaching people how to become one — or become a better one.

Listen to Kirk's extended interview with MIT's Bill Aulet on WGBH's The Takeaway:

On Friday’s Basic Black, Craig Wilder, Professor of History at MIT and author of the new book Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery and the Troubled History of America's Universities, explored the connection of slavery to the beginnings of America's Ivy League schools.

MIT Commission Lays Out Production Needed To Sustain Innovation

Economists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology laid out Friday the kind of manufacturing production they believe the United States will need to support an innovation economy.

While the economy is slowly recovering from the financial crisis, unemployment still remains high and many Americans’ incomes are stagnant. In poll after poll, companies have said the problem stems from a shortage of skills in the workforce: employers say they can’t find and hire people with the right capabilities.

Administrators at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say the prestigious university didn’t target Internet activist Aaron Swartz after he was charged with hacking into MIT’s network.

MIT’s internal review released Tuesday supports the school’s position that it didn’t do anything wrong.

At 26-years-old, Swartz was facing federal prosecution and up to 30 years in prison for using a laptop to download millions of articles from the digital archive called JSTOR.

The Internet activist wanted to make those articles widely available to the public.

The City of Boston is adopting a new school assignment policy that the school committee voted on late Wednesday night that aims to offer more students the option to attend schools closer to home.

Under the new policy, families have a list of schools that are categorized by various factors such as MCAS scores, distance and classroom size. Boston School Committee spokesman Lee McGuire said the new plan will reduce the distance students will have to travel to school by 40 percent, and will increase the chances of a family getting the school they requested.

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