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Entries in On Campus by Cristina Quinn

Boston-based startup Gradifi is asking employers to help their employees pay back their students loans, and some firms are responding. More than a hundred businesses have lined up for a chance to help their workers pay down their crushing debt.

A well-educated workforce is directly linked to economic prosperity, according to a new report by the Economic Policy Institute. 

The best way for states to foster a productive economy is to invest in education to create a stronger workforce, which in turn will increase the median wage, the report says.

The City of Boston is adopting a new school assignment policy that the school committee voted on late Wednesday night that aims to offer more students the option to attend schools closer to home.

Under the new policy, families have a list of schools that are categorized by various factors such as MCAS scores, distance and classroom size. Boston School Committee spokesman Lee McGuire said the new plan will reduce the distance students will have to travel to school by 40 percent, and will increase the chances of a family getting the school they requested.

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