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NCAA President Mark Emmert spoke on a panel at Harvard this week about the role of sports in college academics. Among other topics, Emmert spoke about the recent men's basketball scandals, the role of amateurism in college sports and how race plays into athletics.

A national women's rights group is suing U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for rescinding an Obama-era directive on how colleges handle sexual assault complaints.

A new Georgetown University study shows Latinos are lagging behind blacks and whites in college completion rates and as a result find themselves stuck in middle-wage jobs.

A new government study finds for-profit college students are much more likely to default on their loans than students who go to four-year public universities and community colleges.

Harvard faculty are meeting Tuesday afternoon to reconsider a proposed ban on fraternities, sororities and other single-gender social clubs. After recommending the College prohibit students from joining the groups, they may be backtracking after receiving flack from former students.

In our second episode, WGBH’s On Campus Radio takes a look at diversity on college campuses.

A new national survey by the Brookings Institution finds four in ten students answered "no" when asked if the First Amendment protects "hate speech."

Two years ago, Wellesley announced it would consider any applicant who "identifies as a woman," opening the way for two transgender students in this year's incoming class.

A week after the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees approved a three percent tuition hike, UMass President Marty Meehan says the university is looking to cut costs and increase efficiency.

In its inaugural episode, WGBH’s On Campus Radio takes a look at the battleground of ideas on college campuses.

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