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September 19, 2017

A new national survey by the Brookings Institution finds four in ten students answered "no" when asked if the First Amendment protects "hate speech."

Brookings surveyed 1,500 undergraduate students at four-year colleges and universities and 19 percent of them said violence is an acceptable means of stopping offensive speech.

The survey also found a majority of all students - Democrats and Republicans - incorrectly believe campus event organizers are legally required to invite a speaker who presents an opposing view.

The survey comes weeks after protests involving white nationalists at the University of Virginia turned violent and as a majority of Republicans say campuses are too liberal.

So far this year, seven states have passed legislation designed to reaffirm the First Amendment and to guarantee freedom of speech on college campuses.

In its inaugural episode, WGBH’s On Campus Radio looked at the battleground of ideas and freedom of speech on college campuses.

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