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Georgetown University

The percentage of college students in this country who graduate within six years is abysmally low compared to other advanced countries. It hovers around 45 percent.

For Latinos, that figure is less than half of that. Latinos lag far behind blacks and whites in college completion rates, a new study from Georgetown University shows.

As a result, Latinos often find themselves stuck in middle-wage jobs.

A new Georgetown University study shows Latinos are lagging behind blacks and whites in college completion rates and as a result find themselves stuck in middle-wage jobs.

A new study released Wednesday finds that there are more than 30 million well-paying jobs in this country that don’t require a bachelor's degree and that pay, on average, $55,000 each year.

Labor economists at Georgetown University are out with their own rankings of more than 1,400 colleges and universities based on graduates’ earnings potential. The report, Ranking Your College: Where You Go and What You Make, gives students and families a list of colleges with the highest earnings potential ten years after students enroll.

College Access Increases, But Racial Polarization Grows On Campus

A deal that would tie student loan interest rates to the financial markets is heading to President Obama’s desk for his signature.

Meanwhile, a new report from Georgetown University released on Wednesday suggests higher education is exacerbating white racial privilege in America.

Researchers at Georgetown found that while it’s getting easier to access colleges and universities, at the same time racial polarization on campus is, in fact, growing.

For Jamal Aden’s parents, it was never a foregone conclusion that their son would go to college. The son of Somali refugees, Jamal was born in a Kenyan refugee camp. He says conditions were rough.

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