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Facing dwindling enrollment, Wheelock College has agreed to merge with Boston University. The two schools will become one beginning June of next year.

Colleges and universities - including some here in New England - have been caught up in a controversy over the use of offshore tax havens.

Students at the University of Boston say fewer courses and faculty are making it increasingly difficult to graduate on time and with less debt.

An education non-profit has been helping former gang members and convicted felons, from some of the most troubled neighborhoods in the city, get to college and giving them a paycheck to do it.

The Trump administration announced Friday it's rolling back some of the Obama-era guidance on how colleges handle sexual assault investigations.

In our second episode, WGBH’s On Campus Radio takes a look at diversity on college campuses.

American college students’ worldviews affect what they value, the way they behave and potentially how they learn. We have found that today’s students are divided not dichotomously, between religious and secular, but rather among three distinct worldviews: religious, secular and spiritual. Institutions of higher education need to understand the distinctions among these three worldviews and design curricula that respect students’ diversity. 

Confronted with shifting demographics and rising operating costs, many presidents of small New England colleges say there will be a shakeout in the years ahead.

This summer, the New England Board of Higher Education conducted a survey of presidents and a high percentage of them agree: their schools ought to consider different models of education to compete successfully in the future.

Graduates of elite colleges and universities don’t necessarily make more money than their counterparts at less well-known schools, according to new research.

Using the first-year earnings of graduates of colleges and universities in five states, the study found that those from regional and second-tier campuses, on average, earn about the same as those who go to prestigious flagship universities.

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