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Massachusetts' highest court is taking up a lawsuit filed by the family of an MIT graduate student who killed himself eight years ago after a professor berated him. The court heard arguments Tuesday morning.

The percentage of college students in this country who graduate within six years is abysmally low compared to other advanced countries. It hovers around 45 percent.

For Latinos, that figure is less than half of that. Latinos lag far behind blacks and whites in college completion rates, a new study from Georgetown University shows.

As a result, Latinos often find themselves stuck in middle-wage jobs.

The debate about the value of a college degree often centers around jobs, student loan debt, and whether it’s all worth it. A new study out Wednesday from Georgetown University finds that there are 30 million well-paying jobs in the US that require less than a four-year degree.

As part of their tax plan released Thursday, congressional Republicans want to tax college endowments - a move that would spark a fight with higher education leaders. The Republican tax bill would also eliminate most personal itemized deductions, including the one for interest on college student loans. 

Facebook is turning to Harvard for help with solving a technical problem - how to keep foreign hackers at bay.

It’s unwelcome news for students who attended defunct for-profit chains Corinthian Colleges and ITT Technical Institute. The U.S. Education Department is considering only partially forgiving federal loans issued to those students.

Facing dwindling enrollment and financial problems, in the past year three private colleges in New England have merged out of existence.

A new report suggests that even more colleges across the country should merge before they get in financial trouble. But there are some things schools can do to stay afloat.

For the sixth consecutive year, the price American families pay for college has continued to rise and these modest increases in tuition and fees present financial challenges. The College Board, a non-profit that tracks the cost of college, finds students and families are paying more out of pocket as financial aid fails to keep pace.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Dan Golden's new book, Spy Schools, examines the links between domestic and foreign intelligence agencies and American universities. On Campus Radio talked to Golden about these connections and what they mean for the future of higher education.

NCAA President Mark Emmert spoke on a panel at Harvard this week about the role of sports in college academics. Among other topics, Emmert spoke about the recent men's basketball scandals, the role of amateurism in college sports and how race plays into athletics.

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