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On the campaign trail and now in the White House, President Donald Trump has talked tough on trade, specifically when it comes to China. His heated rhetoric has resonated with Trump's supporters, but it's making American colleges and universities anxious.

According to a recent study by the Stanford History Education Group, most students – from middle school all the way through college – are unable to tell real news from fake news or advertisements. These findings have academics on edge. At college campuses around the country, librarians are now partnering with faculty to address this new reality.

Boston is home to some of the world’s most elite colleges and universities. But for the lesser-known institutions, standing out from the pack can be a challenge. To ensure they're not overlooked by students, some of those schools are rebranding themselves.

Dozens of University of Massachusetts faculty, students and staff gathered on the UMass Medical School campus in Worcester on Wednesday, where the Board of Trustees held its biannual meeting.

The biggest difference between college in the 50s and college now? The tuition. Arizona State University President Michael Crow makes three proposals to tackle rising costs and other issues in America's higher education system. 

Hampshire College -- founded 45 years ago as an experiment in alternative higher education -- will soon become home to a ‘living building,’ and the the first college in the country to generate all of its electricity from renewable energy.

With college application deadlines looming, December is a stressful month for high school seniors - especially for those who can't turn to their own parents for help. When English is not spoken at home, and parents have not even been to college themselves, their children can get lost in the process. To fix that problem, one Massachusetts high school is pairing experienced parent volunteers with worthy first generation students.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have – for years – served as sites where ISIS and other extremist groups can disseminate propaganda to recruit disillusioned young people. To counter those radicalization efforts, the U.S. government is turning to college students. 

As part-time and adjunct faculty members at colleges and universities throughout the country are coming together to unionize, full-time professors at the Tufts University School of Medicine are taking the first step to join the Service Employees International Union.

As part of our weeklong series on community colleges, "College Material," host of WGBH's Greater Boston Jim Braude weighs in on whether community colleges should be free. 

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