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Harvard's announcement ends a seven month-long search for a new president.

Harvard is vowing to kick its fossil fuel habit by 2050. As a first step, the university will aim to become carbon-neutral by 2026.

College textbooks cost students dearly. One Boston-based publisher is trying to change that by offering an online subscription for $180 a year that includes thousands of texts and other course materials.

Most sought-after public universities often don’t reflect their state populations, new analysis shows

A new report finds that employers in the bio-pharmaceutical industry are increasingly demanding candidates with four-year degrees for jobs that once only required two-year associate's degrees.

The Brookings Institution finds four in ten student loan borrowers who enrolled in 2004 could default on their loans within the next five years.

A new report says hiring practices in Massachusetts' bio-pharmaceutical industry have shifted in the last few years, requiring more candidates have 4-year degrees.

Administrators at schools like Salem State have promised a more proactive approach to combating racism. But some students are asking for more.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is scrapping the Obama administration's plan to forgive the loans of students defrauded by the for-profit chain Corinthian Colleges, adopting a new process that she says will be more efficient.

The final Republican tax bill includes a new tax on large private college endowments. About thirty schools will be affected, including six in Massachusetts.

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