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New research shows the mere presence of your smartphone – even if it isn’t ringing and you aren't staring at it – undermines your ability to perform certain tasks.

The Trump Administration is accusing Harvard of failing to cooperate with its ongoing investigation into whether the Ivy League school discriminates against Asian-American applicants. The Justice Department sent letters to Harvard earlier this month, threatening to sue the school if it does not turn over admissions data.

The College of the Holy Cross is considering whether to change its moniker and mascot, The Crusader, which is depicted as a sword-wielding, purple cape-wearing knight.

The layoffs come as the city's only public university moves closer to balancing its budget.

Amherst College announced it is planning to admit Puerto Rican students displaced by Hurricane Maria seven weeks after the storm devastated the island.

A new report released Tuesday criticizes New England colleges for being lax on core requirements like history and foreign languages. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni's latest survey calls out Northeastern colleges for not requiring all students to take a broad range of courses.

The Senate Republican tax overhaul plan released late Thursday night includes a controversial House provision to tax college endowments. Massachusetts is among the states that would be most impacted.

Harvard Divinity School has brought to the Cambridge campus this week a large shipping container that serves as a portal to refugees around the world, using audio-visual technology that allows students and refugees to have live conversations.

Colleges and universities - including some here in New England - have been caught up in a controversy over the use of offshore tax havens.

Massachusetts' highest court is taking up a lawsuit filed by the family of an MIT graduate student who killed himself eight years ago after a professor berated him. The court heard arguments Tuesday morning.
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