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In the 1970s and ‘80s, Massachusetts’ public schools were considered mediocre by many standards. Today, the state’s school system ranks among the best in the world. What happened?

A new study out today finds over a third of college students have been hungry in the past year, and a small percent were homeless.

Kat Taylor, co-founder of a community development bank in Oakland, California, and the wife of philanthropist Tom Steyer, is the first member of that board to openly embrace the environmental cause.

It's unlike any deal we've seen in the history of higher education. For the first time, a state university is buying a for-profit college.

Earlier this month, a regional accreditor in Indiana approved Purdue University's acquisition of Kaplan University. While Purdue administrators cast this as a move to enroll more adult students, some faculty and outside observers are deeply skeptical.

While many faculty are deeply skeptical, Purdue administrators see the university's acquisition of Kaplan University as a move to enroll more adult students. On Campus Radio sits down with Purdue's president Mitch Daniels.

The New England Board of Higher Education is out with a new report this morning that makes recommendations on improving the employability of college graduates.

Two years ago, schools started giving scholarship athletes modest stipends to meet the rest of their expenses. These stipends are not paychecks, but some schools don't offer them for philosophical reasons.

After months of debate, the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester announced it is keeping its mascot, the Crusader. The small Catholic college has reaffirmed that students, athletes and alumni will continue to be known as Crusaders who fight for social justice.

On the campaign trail and now in the White House, President Donald Trump has talked tough on trade, specifically when it comes to China. His heated rhetoric has resonated with Trump's supporters, but it's making American colleges and universities anxious.

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is moving forward with her plan to shield student loan debt collectors from state investigations, saying they undermine federal authority.

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