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Entries in On Campus by Kirk Carapezza

A new report finds that employers in the bio-pharmaceutical industry are increasingly demanding candidates with four-year degrees for jobs that once only required two-year associate's degrees.

Administrators at schools like Salem State have promised a more proactive approach to combating racism. But some students are asking for more.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is scrapping the Obama administration's plan to forgive the loans of students defrauded by the for-profit chain Corinthian Colleges, adopting a new process that she says will be more efficient.

The final Republican tax bill includes a new tax on large private college endowments. About thirty schools will be affected, including six in Massachusetts.

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Harvard prevented a free and fair election on forming a graduate student union, clearing a path for another vote.

A new report from a government watchdog group urges the Trump administration to forgive student loans for tens of thousands of former for-profit college students who were defrauded by their school.

The Republican tax plans include a new tax on large private college endowments that would affect at least six schools here in Massachusetts. Those colleges worry the tax would reduce how much financial aid they can give students in the future, while some economists say, instead, it would spur them to invest in students and research today.

Brown University is set to wipe out student loans and replace them with grants beginning next year after the Ivy League school reached a fundraising milestone.

Harvard president Drew Faust says the college is backing away from a plan to target single-gender student clubs.

On Monday, the Supreme Court decided it will allow the Trump administration's travel ban on six Muslim-majority countries to be fully enforced. But colleges says the ban is now so watered down that few students will be affected.

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