WGBH’s Peter Kadzis was joined by MassLive’s Gin Dumcius, Politico’s Lauren Dezenski, and WGBH’s Mike Deehan to grade the performances of Massachusetts’ political leaders.

Shadowgate: The Fate Of The Winthrop Square Tower
Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talked to WGBH Reporter Isaiah Thompson about the Winthrop Square Tower and the shadow it could cast over Boston Common and the Boston Planning and Development Authority.
A Podcast Crossover Of Epic Proportions: The Lincoln Review Joins The Scrum

For this special crossover episode of The Scrum, Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis were joined by the two hosts of the Lincoln Review Podcast, Republican interpreters Jeff Semon and Ed Lyons.

Tito Jackson Speaks: What he regrets — and what he doesn’t
Unseating an incumbent Boston mayor is never easy: it hasn’t happened since 1949, when John Hynes beat James Michael Curley. But that doesn’t fully capture the magnitude of the challenge facing City Councilor Tito Jackson. Jackson’s opponent, Mayor Marty Walsh, has been generating favorable media coverage all year as he pushes back hard against the Trump Administration. What’s more, Jackson is trying to recover from a rough week that included a Boston Globe story about his years as a pharmaceutical rep who marketed opioids and an incident with a WGBH News reporter that led Jackson to issue an apology. Jackson sat down with Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis to discuss those developments, the state of his campaign, race in the city, and the challenge of running for mayor in the age of Trump.   
Brianna Wu Wants To Tax Your Robots (And Do Some Other Things Too)

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis sat down with Brianna Wu recently to talk about her Congressional campaign against entrenched incumbent Rep. Steven Lynch and why she deserves your vote.

Cleaning The Plate On The St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis dive deep into the 2017  St. Patrick's Day Breakfast and what it tells us about the state of Mass. Politics with Gintautus Dumcius of Mass Live and the Springfield Republic and Lauren Dezenski, author of Politico's Massachusetts Playbook. 

Can Anyone Beat Charlie Baker After Mass. Was Ranked Best State In The Nation?

A recent report from US News & World Report ranked Massachusetts as the best state in the country. Gov. Charlie Baker made the media rounds after the report was released, including an interview on CBS This Morning, touting the greatness of the state. With everything in the Massachusetts apparently going so well, how is any candidate challenging the Governor going to have a chance in the upcoming gubernatorial race? To help answer this question, WGBH's Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly were joined by the former chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party John Walsh. 

One Week Down, Four Years To Go: Mass. Politics In Trump's America

The country feels like it is already in disarray after only one week of Trump's Presidency. Trump's onslaught of executive orders, specifically his Immigration ban, have caused a swell of activist and civil rights advocates to protest against the President and the legality of the ban.  WGBH's Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis were joined by Politico's Lauren Dezenski and MassLive's Gintautas Dumcius to discuss how Trump's immigration ban will impact the people of the commonwealth and its politics. 

Trump And The Press: Reality Bites Trump, Trump Bites Back
The State Of The State Of The City

WGBH's Adam Reilly, Mike Deehan, and Peter Kadzis discuss Mayor Walsh's State of the City address.

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