May 01, 2017


Last Week, The Boston City Council approved the construction of a controversial tower in Winthrop Square.

The tower, which is being developed by Millennium Partners, needed special permission because the shadow it would cast would violate the law that currently dictates the size and length of the shadows buildings can cast on the Common.

Millennium Partners offered the city about $150 million for the property, which some believe is why the Mayor and other city officials support the project despite the shadow violation.  

The controversial tower has drummed up groups of protesters who worry that this decision could set a precedent, giving the ability for other developers to circumvent Boston zoning laws.

The state legislature must now approve the exception.

WGBH's Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis were joined by WGBH Reporter Isaiah Thompson to discuss the Winthrop Square tower and the shadow it has cast on Boston politics.

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