Barack Obama

If only Barack Obama had the skill and political savvy of Lyndon Johnson, he would have ushered in a new era of liberal dominance.  Throw in some schmoozing with the leaders of the opposition, and we’d be chiseling his face into Mount Rushmore by now. 

 At least that’s what the old LBJ hands would have us believe.

They’re wrong because of what they ignore.

Perhaps conservatives should show greater appreciation of President Obama. After all, he based his new policy of acceptance for undocumented arguments by making conservative arguments.

The subtitle of a Globe article last week caught my eye. It was “Martha Coakley dragged down by national trends.” In the article, the Globe’s Jim O’Sullivan explains that “a new Globe poll shows that national political conditions may be hobbling [Coakley’s] chances for victory.” Say what!?!

Is there anyone whose political fortunes are more tied to President Barack Obama than Scott Brown? According to Joshua Miller in the Boston Globe today, Scott Brown riding an anti-Obama wave in N.H. Obama played a large role in electing Brown in Massachusetts in 2010, Obama atop the ballot helped usher out the Scott Brown Era in Massachusetts in 2012 (and Brown himself out of Massachusetts), and Obama’s unpopularity may help usher Brown into yet another Senate seat in 2014.

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