Martha Coakley

Has anybody in the Bay State noticed anything familiar about Candidate Clinton?

Why didn’t the 2014 campaign feature discussion of budget deficits or the condition of the MBTA? One reason is that media debates are more low comedy than high stakes.

UMass exit poll shows Coakley and Baker about equally distant ideologically from median voter, with Baker’s victory hinging on his performance with moderates, Independents, and women.

There is much to admire in the skill of David Axelrod.  But on the issue of Martha Coakley and the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial election, the Axe misses the mark.

Charlie Baker will soon reclaim the title “smartest man in state government” and also add the title “Governor.” Getting there was a combination of talent and a lot of luck.
Media bias toward scandal, conflict and drama may produce box office moments like Charlie Baker becoming emotional, but it ill serves a public looking for leadership from the next governor. We need a change.

The national media “covering” the Massachusetts gubernatorial election have a narrative and they are sticking to it.  Never mind that it is both lazy and unoriginal.

The four MassPoliticsProfs watched the same WGBH/Boston Globe debate between Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley – and came to different conclusions.

We all look forward to a substantive debate tonight between Democratic candidate Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker. In that spirit I asked some of the smartest people I know – my colleagues at MassPoliticsProfs and at UMass Boston – for some debate questions. You’re welcome, Jim and Margery.

This past spring, I put together a hierarchy of Massachusetts political endorsements.  As we approach election day, I am republishing with some updates.  One big caveat; No one endorsement is a game changer.  Elizabeth Warren couldn’t save John Tierney, Michael Dukakis couldn’t boost Mike Lake, and Mitt Romney couldn’t bring more Republicans into the Legislature in 2004.  Candidates and conditions (statewide and national) matter.

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