Barack Obama

You can get a PhD and write books, but the most valuable lessons in politics might come from cleaning ladies.

Cubans honor Fidel Castro as the founder and spirit of their Revolution. From these shores, the view is mixed at best. The fact that the U.S. and Soviets could have engaged in a nuclear World War III over the Cuban missiles is still alarming.  Overall an effort to resolve our differences and work together is long overdue. Fidel Castro’s day is past but Obama’s initiatives could not have advanced if Castro did not accept and support them.

Weighing in on the debate about Hillary Clinton’s “controversial” characterization of Trump supporters, the New York Times editorial board argues that presidential candidates have become too intellectually cozy with their biggest financial supporters; that they have spent too much time with them and been unduly influenced by their worldviews.  This is hardly a controversial thesis, however, the Times’ spin here really should be. 

President Barack Obama is following the constitutional process for nominating a Supreme Court justice and the American people want the Senate to hold hearings. The holdup is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's toadying to his party's radical rich.

Conservatives intellectual defense of the Senate refusing to perform its "advice and consent" duty raises the question, which other constitutional provisions did the Founders intend to be operational only in time frames when the Republican Party holds the presidency?

Few things about Donald Trump surprise me anymore.  But I must admit to being caught off guard when I read that the blame for his continued political buoyancy should be laid squarely at the foot of the incumbent President.

We have met the enemy and he is us. President Obama orders sanctions against the United States for violating democratic principles.

The good news is that positive emotions like hope can reduce racial resentment in political campaigns. The bad news is that SuperPACS will spend hundreds of millions to promote negative emotions.

It’s hard not to notice that the national Republican Party is becoming more and more unhinged. A good part of this, I think, is the decimation of the party’s moderate wing. Yes, the GOP once had moderates, and even progressives.

President Obama’s delivered a speech well worth watching at Selma – but more worthy of being read.

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