Charlie Baker

Want to get away? Israel in December is nice - if you have the right connections.

Each election season Massachusetts political players earn their way into the winners and losers column. Charlie Baker, Curt Schilling, the Boston Globe, Meghna Chakrabarti - which list did your favorite make?

With the release of emails from the Office of Governor Charlie Baker we may be one step closer to identifying the dark money funding the Great Schools Massachusetts campaign.

The charter school contest dividing the Democratic Party is about a whole lot more than privatizing more schools. It's a fight involving equality, markets, unions, wealth, and partisan politics. So far it's a great set-up for Governor Charlie Baker and the Republicans.

Chris Christie and the Rump Parliament of Conventions

Despite a political career now in shambles, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey made it clear last night that he still delights in the role of attack dog.

It’s a telling symbol of the Republican Party under the spell of Trump.

Great Schools' kick-off rally featured Governor Charlie Baker and excited parents, but the hedge fund managers bankrolling this venture appeared nowhere in the campaign pictures. What's in it for them?

We can barely hear Rush and no one takes Howie seriously. We have a feeble Outrage Industry in Massachusetts. But what we do have is a government that works.

As criticism mounts about the Massachusetts Republican Party's Barely Legal fundraising campaign, it's Governor Charlie Baker who is most at risk. He can start by reading the fund raising letters before they go out.

Democratic activists and Democratic leaders

Democratic activists want party leaders to oppose Governor Baker, loudly and consistently. They’re not likely to get what they want.

A lesson from Abraham Lincoln with an assist from John Locke: shouting down Governor Baker was impolitic and unjust.

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