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Charlie Frank Sargent Baker

Is the 2018 Massachusetts gubernatorial election a repeat of 1970 or 1974?  Depends on which party you ask.

Republicans see a repeat of 1970 while Democrats hope to turn the election into 1974.  In their zeal, however, Democrats risk misreading the public mood by firing off trumped up charges that couldn’t deliver Cushman’s bread, let along victory (ask Professor Mo).

Farewell, Winston

The loss of your dog is supposed to bring forth great stories of the cosmic bond between families and pets.   This is not one of those stories.

Remembering the gentleman from Massachusetts, Joe Martin

In the ten years I’ve served as Director of the Joseph Martin Institute at Stonehill College, I’ve had plenty of conversations with students and guests where I find myself introducing them to Joe Martin the man and the Speaker of the House.

The Senate's selective silencing

Decorum is supposed to matter in the United State Senate. As we learned last night, it is written in the rules.

Will Warren win?  Ask Walsh

Since Senators have been directly elected in 1913, most reelection attempts are successful in Massachusetts.  That's true around the country as well.  A full 90% of Senators seeking reelection were successful this past November.

Here at home, only one Democrat, Senator David I. Walsh has been defeated in a reelection attempt, though on two separate occasions. I’ve been thinking of Walsh while ruminating over a data point in the recent poll that finds only 44 % of voters think Senator Elizabeth Warren “deserves reelection.”

Hamilton is but a symbol

It might have been a moment of grace right before the holiday season of a disgraceful year.

Can we keep the republic?

"A republic, if you can keep it."

Benjamin Franklin's response in 1787 to a question on whether we had a monarchy or a republic reminds us still of our civic obligations. The people, Franklin warned us, must be active citizens, not merely consenting to be governed but ongoing participants in the affairs of the nation.

Comey is the Lawrence Walsh of 2016

James Comey, meet Lawrence Walsh. It's time you get to know him because, as far as historical reputations go, you're about to have a good deal in common.

Democratic divisions on the horizon

Divisions within the Democratic party are somewhat mute during these final weeks of the presidential campaign. They won’t remain quiet for long.

It’s high noon in the general election and that means debates.  This is the make or break moment when a gaffe can rob candidates of their last best hope for victory.

Well, not quite.  

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