In her recent Globe column (“Nothing Pragmatic about Charlie Baker’s Death Penalty Gambit”) Renee Loth writes, “[f]or someone who has based his entire political persona on a non-ideological, pragmatic approach to government, Governor Charlie Baker’s recent flirtation with reinstating the death penalty is a distressing swerve.”  I respectfully disagree.

Millions of dollars continue to roll into the effort to privatize Massachusetts public schools. Here's how the big money players do it.

On Saturday the Massachusetts Teachers Association honored me with the MTA President's Award. Here are my remarks upon accepting the honor.

When party officials say they will remain neutral in a primary it CANNOT mean that they will simply stand back and let nominees be chosen without their preferences being impactful. If that were the case, then there would be little point of parties having leaders. Official neutrality in primaries can, at best, mean no public endorsements until after the primary, NOT no efforts to DO THEIR JOB, which is to get party members elected in November.

American politics in 2018 is a hot mess. The Age of Trump will almost certainly be understood as a chaotic and terribly destructive time in American politics when our institutions were strained to the limit and democratic norms of conduct were shattered. Not so in Massachusetts, however.

Boston billionaire Seth Klarman switches from Republicans to Democrats with $222,000 in donations, Sunday Globe front page. Klarman  gives over $3 million in dark money to ballot campaign, barely a mention. What's the story?

How the Boston Globe's Scot Lehigh is getting it wrong, and Massachusetts Parents United's Keri Rodriguez is getting along - with a little help from the Financial Privatization Cabal.

Massachusetts Parents United is the glossy new facade in corporate education reform. Ignore the veneer. Follow the money.

Betsy DeVos's disastrous 60 Minutes interview raises an important question: is she the uninformed leader of a movement whose followers know little more than she does?

The Democratic primary race in the Seventh Congressional District between Michael Capuano and Ayanna Pressley could pivot on the distinction between party purities and heretical realities. We’ve seen this show before.

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