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IHub Live Panel

In the 21st century, are creativity and power shifting from large corporations to individuals? From Suffolk University's Modern Theatre, Kara Miller and her guests tackle the question. Panelists include: Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT Tech Review; Nicco Mele, author of The End of Big; Jessica Banks, founder of Rock, Paper, Robot; and Karim Lakhani, professor at Harvard Business School. Read More...

Birth control pills

It’s simply known as “the pill,” but Jonathan Eig relates its unexpected history in his book, The Birth of the Pill: How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution. Read More...

I Voted

From fact-checking officials to finding out if your cheese is Republican or Democrat, here’s a list of our five favorite apps to get you through the election season. Read More...

Capitol reflection

Here are three things to know about election issues this week:

1. Immigration policy could take some notes from Major League Baseball. Silicon Valley should be able to recruit the best talent from around the globe, just like baseball teams do, says activist Emily Lam.

2. Government workers should wear more hoodies. If the federal government wants to attract more tech-savvy workers, it’s going to have to make some major workplace culture changes, according to entrepreneur Harper Reed.

3. A 16-year-old invented one of the election season’s hottest apps. High schooler Nick Rubin’s app might be increasing government transparency.

minature statues of liberty

America isn’t the only country hiring highly-skilled workers. If our immigration system is too complicated, there are plenty of other countries willing to put out the welcome mat. Read More...

Harper Reed

Last year's rollout of Healthcare.gov was not what you'd call a "smooth process." But was it really the disaster that many claimed? Read More...

architectural sketch

Here are three things to know about how things stack up:

1. Nielsen ratings aren't going away anytime soon. In search of a neutral data broker, the TV industry relies heavily on Nielsen, explains TIME columnist James Poniewozik. But there are problems with that.

2. Frankenfood isn’t actually bad for you. Despite their reputation, genetically engineered crops aren't harmful for humans, and they sometimes have positive side effects for the environment.

3. Ancient Sumerians liked craft beer, too. While the specialty beer craze might seem like the fad of the moment, author William Boswick says humans have been brewing unique varieties of beer for thousands of years.


Politicians, writers, and even Lady Gaga have referenced quantum physics, but in its early, more scientific days, quantum mechanics was the source of a tussle between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. Read More...


Driving a Prius may help psychologically, but to really be effective, renewable energy solutions need to happen on a national level. Dan Nocera, a leader in clean energy research, talks about big-picture solutions. Read More...

new graduate

College majors may artificially divide students, instead of fostering a real world, interdisciplinary approach. Jeff Selingo, author of College Unbound, says we should scrap the major. Read More...

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