Room filled with vending machines

Vending machines that ask trivia questions and give out electronics. Take a peek at the new world of interactive advertisements. Read More...

Girl working on computer

Anthropologist Mimi Ito explains how the rise of online learning might actually increase the educational divide between rich and poor. Read More...

Thinking up new ways for success

Luck, smarts, or optimism? Author Peter Diamandis tells us the real reasons why billionaires become billionaires, and how he thinks anyone could create the next world-changing idea. Read More...

Income tax time again

You hate your taxes. That’s not a qualified statement, there’s just absolutely no chance that you like paying your taxes. But according to business professor Michael Norton, there’s a way for you to enjoy giving your hard-earned money to the federal government. It’s all about where it goes. Read More...

Staying Human

Three things you’ll want to know:

1. You may have too much confidence. At least according to psychologist David Dunning, who explains why people are so sure of themselves, even when they have no idea what they’re talking about.

2. A robot might have written this sentence. Bot artist Darius Kazemi and computer scientist Kris Hammond talk about the future of computer-generated narratives.

3. Move over Jurassic and Paleozoic periods. Author Diane Ackerman says that humans are changing the world so much, the earth’s entering a new geologic epoch, the Anthropocene.

Confident Superhero

It’s easy to think you’re right all time. But even a fan of Innovation hub, intelligent, cultured, and devastatingly attractive as you most certainly are, can sometimes be incorrect. Read More...

Neon lights on water

The man who liquefied air and changed the city’s nightscape...was also an active participant in one of history’s most evil regimes. Read More...

Grand Canyon with colors

Climate change, megacities, ocean acidification. Author Diane Ackerman believes humans have shaped the world so much that we’re now living in a new geologic epoch, one that’s defined by our actions. Read More...

Red Robot

Robot art has come a long way from HAL singing “Daisy” in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Algorithms are writing novels now. Bot artist Darius Kazemi and computer scientist Kris Hammond talk about the future of computer-generated narratives. Read More...

3D Printing Beads

Three things you probably want to know:

1.  Thinking about your mom might help you ace a calculus test...depending on where you were raised. Hazel Markus explains why kids from Western and Eastern countries think differently about motivation, community, and innate brilliance.

2. Incubators have been helping to grow companies since 1959but it's only recently that their younger cousins, accelerators, have taken off. Reporter Daniel Gross investigates whether they're worth the hype. 

3.  The business world can learn a lot from Through the Looking Glass. William Barnett of Stanford Business school explains why competition is a good thing – even if everyone feels like they're running in place.

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