Learn the story of a brightly colored object that might be in your pocket right now, and was actually invented by an accountant. Read More...

Dictionary art

As technology makes communication easier, some worry that it may fundamentally change language. Linguist David Crystal says we don't have to be so concerned...yet. Read More...


Clay Shirky, the famed media theorist, is moving to Shanghai.

Why would the man long know for critiquing — and seeing the possibilities of the Internet — want to head to China? Read More...

Bald eagle

Here are three things to know about America's evolution:

1. Wally and the Beav may be done with the suburbs. People are choosing to live with less space if they can be closer to the social amenities that they want, say authors Leigh Gallagher and Alan Ehrenhalt.

2. The last Apple was in the U.S., and the next Apple will be in the U.S., according to Joel Kurtzman, analyst and author of Unleashing the Second American Century.

3. Julia Child ended up with a cooking show by accident. And that television show set the stage for today's cooking culture.

Julia Child

Julia Child was more than a great cook. She changed both television and the culture of cooking. Read More...

Picture book

As the Cold War raged, concerns grew over American children’s education. Then a new rhyming book flipped literacy on its head. Read More...

Suburban houses

As younger generations increasingly choose to make cities their home, suburbs are facing an identity crisis. Read More...

Universal Studios

When it comes to sequels, Hollywood is sticking with the script. Read More...


What if the economy is surging, but no one realizes it? Read More...

library storage system

Three things you need to know about this week's show:

1. Uncle Sam wants YOU to fix government. But only in your free time. Aneesh Chopra, America's first Chief Technology Officer, says that with the increase in publicly accessible data, it's easier than ever for regular citizens to get involved - whenever they choose.

2. You know those fancy, self-driving cars that there's been so much hype about? They’ll probably make traffic worse, not better. If we're able to read or sleep while our cars drive us around, many more people will take to the roads, says Kara Kockelman, University of Texas engineering professor.

3. An innovation drought may be about to grip the U.S. Innovation guru Clayton Christensen worries that we're in big trouble - unless business leaders take the initiative to reframe the way they measure financial success.

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