How do your nerd credentials stack up this week?

1. Don’t split your infinitives around Weird Al. He may have a hugely successful new album and lengthy music career, but he’s a grammar geek at heart.

2. There is a huge tech bubble. But it isn't where you think it is. Renowned investor Roger McNamee says Silicon Valley is inundated with start-ups, many of which won't be able to survive to maturity.

3. Put down that Sudoku and start running. Research shows that physical exercise could be more important in making you smarter than brain teasers.

Drone 1

Amazon wants to deliver books, CDs, and diapers to us by drone. But testing drones around the country opens up a world of potential problems. Read More...

Google glass

Look ahead 10, 15 years. How will technology shape our lives? We ask Roger McNamee, an investing legend in Silicon Valley, and Farhad Manjoo, who writes about tech for the New York Times. Read More...

Electric brain

We’ve long debated whether intelligence is innate or acquired. Author Annie Murphy Paul talks about the latest scientific research - and looks at simple techniques that may be able to enhance our brains. Read More...

Weird Al

Kara talks with Weird Al about hitting #1 on Billboard and how he’s stayed fresh throughout his career. Plus, they geek out together on grammar. Read More...


‪Two leading voices in tech, Roger McNamee and Farhad Manjoo, give their takes on how Apple and other tech giants are trying to stay creative.‬ Read More...


Here's what you need to know about innovation this week:

1. Lego almost failed when they lost faith in plastic blocks. But success actually hinged on enhancing their core product with a powerful narrative.

2. Flashcards and multiplication tables aren't the way to inspire love for science, technology, engineering and math. Instead, hands-on experiments teach kids the skills they need to excel.

3. Technology is tipping the scales for some new, superpower cities. But there are lessons to be learned from some great cities of the past.

Water filters

If today's elementary school kids are going to be the engineers of tomorrow, they need better building blocks. Read More...

Dubai at night

New superpower cities may be built on the foundations of the past, but they're creating an entirely new future, according to Daniel Brook, author of "A History of Future Cities." Read More...


Ever wonder what's behind those brightly-colored, plastic bricks from your childhood? By being unconventional, Lego has built a blockbuster global brand. Read More...

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