According to Einstein's general theory of relativity, light can bend

1. It's Einstein's fault that you need your phone to know where the heck you are. At least, indirectly — GPS would never have been invented without the theory of relativity, explains Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe.  

2. The quintessential genius of the 20th century had trouble getting a job teaching high school. Before he reached fame and success, Albert Einstein faced a whole lot of failure, according to biographer Walter Isaacson. 

3. IQ tests have been used to support the case for eugenics, and to justify thousands of sterilizations. Clinical psychologist Elaine Castles tells the history of how we measure intelligence — and why it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Yoda and Einstein...they look similar

As we look at the lasting influence of Albert Einstein, there’s one legacy that isn’t felt in our iPhone’s GPS or in the way we view intelligence. No, this one is felt in a galaxy far, far away. Read More...

A face in a crowd.

There’s a fine line between sharing and oversharing. And here at Innovation Hub, we’re all about sharing, including sharing some interviews that touch on oversharing. Read More...

A worker stands at a construction site.

1. Silicon Valley is wherever you want it to be. Entrepreneur Brad Feld explains why we shouldn't feel compelled to move somewhere just because people say its full of opportunities. 

2. Darwin's theories don't apply to us anymore. Author and investor Juan Enriquez argues that from cows to corn to cities, humans have now moved beyond natural selection. 

3. Cars, coal…concrete? Daniel Gross takes a look at an under-the-radar substance that’s destroying the environment.

A town hall meeting.

Already tired of the 2016 election? Well, you’re not alone. Social scientist Kate Krontiris tells us why Americans don’t really care about civic engagement, and how we can fix that. Read More...

A concrete parking lot

You already feel guilty about the car you drive to work, but you might want to start feeling guilty about your workplace too. Reporter Daniel Gross takes a look at why concrete is helping destroy the environment. Read More...

A startup event in Belgium.

Entrepreneur Brad Feld explains what he looks for in a company, and why he decided to build his life in Boulder, Colorado over the flashier tech hubs of San Francisco and New York. Read More...

A human gazes at a possible ancestor

Forget about the Six Million Dollar Man. We already have the technology to become better, stronger, and faster. Academic and businessman Juan Enriquez explains how we’re all going through unnatural selection. Read More...

An optical illusion

1. It'll take a Chernobyl-size disaster for people to demand more regulation in Silicon Valley, argues Andrew Keen, author of The Internet is Not the Answer.  

2. We owe the existence of anti-bac hand gel to a contemporary of Newton and Galileo. Antoine van Leeuwenhoek was fascinated by early microscopes, and is now believed to be the world's first microbiologist. 

3. Museums today are starting to be a lot more BYOD (bring your own device). And incorporating new tech is crucial, because the museum-going demographic is considerably older and whiter than the population at large.

An art museum

Picture yourself touching Rodin’s The Thinker with haptic gloves - which would allow you to feel the sculpture without actually laying a finger on it. That world may soon be a reality. Entrepreneur Brendan Ciecko and curation expert Elizabeth Merritt give us a peek into the future of museums: virtual reality, individualized guides, and no more boring audio tours. Read More...

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