There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But could that change? We explore the idea of a “guaranteed basic income.” Read more....


This week on Innovation Hub, we’ve got stories about modification, in all its forms. Read more....

New York Subway commute

Ping pong tables, free food, bean bag chairs… turns out, cool company perks aren’t just there to make you feel better. But how bad can ulterior motives be, if they get you free pizza?

The gig economy may screw over the middle class, but it’s great for the 1%. Jody Greenstone Miller explains the rise of posh gig workers. Call them “supertemps.”

There’s a beer on tap called Mighty Squirrel, and it’s available in your office… if you happen to rent office space from WeWork. We visit what might just be the workplace of the future.

Employees only on doors

The gig economy isn’t only for Uber drivers. Jody Greenstone Miller explains. Read more....

Cubicles on cubicles

Are coworking spaces worth the hype? Maybe. Maybe not. Read more....

Office work in 1975

No performance reviews, unlimited vacation, free food… these aren’t just the idle dreams of Bob in accounting. David Burkus tells us how work can - and should - change for the better. Read more....

Welcome to Florida

401Ks are a ticking time-bomb. But economist Teresa Ghilarducci might have a solution.

Traffic in front of Flat Iron

Thanks to increasing access to the Internet, our global economy is more intertwined than anyone could have predicted. But what happens when the workers grow old? Read more...

Items found in the doctor's office

When it comes to reforming healthcare, lessons from the factory floor might just offer a cheaper solution. Read more...


Time is an invention. And a fairly recent one.Vanessa Ogle tells us why – and when – we became slaves to the clock.

Water could be the new oil. NASA’s Jay Famiglietti explains the myriad ways we’re mismanaging our water – and why that could lead to conflict.

There's a way to beat the roulette wheel. Two ways, in fact. Take a peek into the world of some very smart gamblers.

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