Starbucks sign

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, created a cultural shift in the way that we consume coffee. But he also had more early failures than successes, says Nancy Koehn, a historian at Harvard Business School. Read More...


Tinder might be tough, but getting together in 1896 was even tougher. Turns out, early dinner dates got mistaken for prostitution. Author Moira Weigel tells us about the invention of dating.

It’s easy to find a date online, but have you ever tried to find a friend? We take a journey into the world of online friending (i.e. we go on a date).

The internet isn’t just important to our economy and our social lives… it’s also a work of art. Virginia Heffernan explains the magic of the internet.

Sad Businessman

Sick of the 9 to 5? Brookings Institution Fellow Isabel Sawhill talks about why we should rethink our workweek. Read more...


You like blue, burritos, and Belle & Sebastian… but why? Journalist Tom Vanderbilt explains the science behind our taste. Read more...

Office Cubicles

Watch out: that entry-level job might not lead anywhere. Lauren Smiley tells us about Silicon Valley’s newest trend. Read more...

Reno NV

One city that’s always marketed itself as fun now finds itself on the rise. And no, it has nothing to do with casinos. How Reno’s blossoming tech industry might change the city. Read more...

Gateway Arch St. Louis

Corporations are getting bigger and bigger. And America’s heartland is suffering. Brian S. Feldman explains why. Read more...


There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But could that change? We explore the idea of a “guaranteed basic income.” Read more....


This week on Innovation Hub, we’ve got stories about modification, in all its forms. Read more....

New York Subway commute

Ping pong tables, free food, bean bag chairs… turns out, cool company perks aren’t just there to make you feel better. But how bad can ulterior motives be, if they get you free pizza?

The gig economy may screw over the middle class, but it’s great for the 1%. Jody Greenstone Miller explains the rise of posh gig workers. Call them “supertemps.”

There’s a beer on tap called Mighty Squirrel, and it’s available in your office… if you happen to rent office space from WeWork. We visit what might just be the workplace of the future.

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