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Two people negotiate at a market. Credit: Barney Moss / Flickr Creative Commons

You can’t always get what you want – or can you? Stanford Business School professor Margaret Ann Neale argues that you can negotiate successfully; it just takes a little help from science. Read More...

A complicated mess of machinery. Credit: Gigi C. / Flickr Creative Commons

1. Technology is doing more than destroying our attention spans. Middlebury’s Jason Mittell says that your Netflix binges might actually be driving a shift to better storytelling.

2. In 75 years you'll be vacationing in outer space, at least according to Arizona State Professor Jim Bell. A century ago, widespread worldwide travel was laughable; now you can sip a Diet Coke while whizzing over the ocean on an airplane with Wi-Fi. Bell explains why you might be able to book a space hotel sooner than you think.

3.  Seat belts don't always save lives. Indirectly, their effectiveness has put a huge strain on the market for organs, by keeping more young, healthy donors alive as waitlists swell. As strange as it sounds, Northeastern law professor Kara Swanson explains why a legal organ market could solve our current shortage.

An x-ray of a human head. Credit: Rudolf Vlcek / Flickr Creative Commons

Do we know our bodies’ true value? Northeastern's Kara Swanson says the massive gap between organ supply and demand makes it much higher than we might think. Read More...

A bunsen burner commonly used in science experiments. Credit: Ange Gilroy / Flickr Creative Commons

You’ve probably seen all those clickbaity headlines proclaiming the miraculous results of a radical new scientific study. But how accurate are these? Stanford’s John Ioannidis says… not very. He’ll explain the crisis in scientific literature. Read More...

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