Jason Mittell

1. Technology is doing more than destroying our attention spans. Middlebury’s Jason Mittell says that your Netflix binges might actually be driving a shift to better storytelling.

2. In 75 years you'll be vacationing in outer space, at least according to Arizona State Professor Jim Bell. A century ago, widespread worldwide travel was laughable; now you can sip a Diet Coke while whizzing over the ocean on an airplane with Wi-Fi. Bell explains why you might be able to book a space hotel sooner than you think.

3.  Seat belts don't always save lives. Indirectly, their effectiveness has put a huge strain on the market for organs, by keeping more young, healthy donors alive as waitlists swell. As strange as it sounds, Northeastern law professor Kara Swanson explains why a legal organ market could solve our current shortage.

We’ve all heard the age old complaint: hundreds of shows, but nothing to watch. Author and Professor of Media Jason Mittell explains why that disgruntled channel-flipping is becoming a thing of the past — and how today's television just keeps getting better. Read More...

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