Great Schools Massachusetts

A new report from Steve LeBlanc of AP shows that Dark Money Great Schools Massachusetts of New York has spent millions more than previously reported on TV ads, mostly in dark money. You the voter, the citizen, have no right to know where that money came from. Where's the outrage?

We can't tell why the wealthy individuals behind Great Schools Massachusetts are funding the pro-charters campaign - that's the essence of dark money after all. But social science offers us some theories - what's in it for the rich? Boardroom Progressives or self-serving Rich People's Movement?

Great Schools Massachusetts of New York is spending millions of dollars of dark money on television ads, but imagine how much more effective its efforts would be with a few memorable campaign tchotchkes.

The antagonists in the charter schools ballot issue, Question 2, are all over television with expensive ads. The Yes on 2 ads are being paid for by a handful of wealthy financiers hiding behind dark money fronts. The No on 2 ads are paid for by the contributions of thousands of unionized teachers.

Here is a collection of articles on dark money in Massachusetts: WARNING: not for those who are frightened by what unlimited dark money does to our democracy.

The whole point of dark money organizations like Families for Excellent Schools and Great Schools Massachusetts is that the true funders are hidden from the voters. Here's some of what we know, and some reasonable inferences.

In a recent debate the pro-charter side deflected concerns about dark money pouring into the Great Schools Massachusetts campaign, arguing that adult concerns about who is donating shouldn't detract from children. But the threat of dark money to our democracy should concern us all: pro-charter, anti-charter, children, and adults.

It can be hard to explain dark money but perhaps pop culture icons like Sherlock Holmes and John-boy Walton can help along with Frank Sinatra singing a new campaign theme song for Great Schools Massachusetts, "It's Up to You New York, New York."

A look into the dark heart of our campaign finance farce-ocracy: the entire Great Schools Massachusetts Olympics ad buy of $2.3 million is in dark money.

Pro-charter Great Schools Massachusetts isn't a grassroots coalition of parents. It's a creature of a shadowy organization known as Strategic Grant Partners.

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