Democrats for Education Reform

One of the ballot committees supporting the charter school initiative was named Advancing Obama's Legacy on Charter Schools, a peculiar name for a committee funded by Republican billionaires. But that's the world of dark money, where things are never quite what they seem.

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Shouldn't voters in a democracy have at a minimum the right to know who is spending millions to influence their votes? Not according the the pro-charters campaign.

Democrats for Education Reform is on the crooked path of dark money: shall the rough places be made plain? Not if DFER can help it.

Here is a collection of articles on dark money in Massachusetts: WARNING: not for those who are frightened by what unlimited dark money does to our democracy.

The debate between Senator Pat Jehlen and Liam Kerr, agent for the dark money organization Democrats for Education Reform, raises a lot of new questions for Massachusetts politics.

Common Cause Massachusetts says the 2014 Disclosure Act cast a light on political dark money, but there are plenty of loopholes yet to be closed.

Why would New York hedge fund managers care who represents Eastie in the Massachusetts senate? The answer is hidden in dark money, and our commonwealth teeters on the verge of becoming a dark money empire.

One lesson from the First Suffolk & Middlesex special election is that voters should immediately toss out SuperPAC campaign literature from groups like Democrats for Education Reform and Mass Values.

Can you trust that canvasser who just knocked on your door with some campaign literature? It could be a dedicated volunteer - or a  hired contractor for dark money operation Democrats for Education Reform.

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