Charlie Baker

Today the Boston Globe released a poll of voters' views concerning Governor Baker's position on accepting Syrian refugees. The problem is, voters probably don't understand what the governor's position is.

The "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party" is itching for someone to pick a fight with Republican Governor Charlie Baker. They may have found their champion in Congressman Seth Moulton.

It wasn’t a good start to the week in #Mapoli.  Issues of war and refugees brought out hyperbole when reason was needed.

In disagreeing with Governor Charlie Baker on the Syrian refugee issue, the Boston Globe Editorial Board lumps him in with Republicans Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz (but not with Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan). Oddly, the Editorial Board doesn't seem to have understood what Globe reporters quoted Baker as saying.

Governor Charlie Baker has been criticized for appointing a largely white male economic development council. He needs to add some diversity, especially with an important driver of our brainy economy – immigrants.

There are constitutional reasons for the lack of opposition politics on Beacon Hill, for sure. But there are also political reasons for the lack of partisan combat.

The public uprising against the corporate-based Boston2024 reminds us that people like to root for Harry Potter, Ron Weasely, and Hermione Granger, not Voldemort.

Working families or CEOs? The budget deal on the earned income tax credit marks another Beacon Hill win for "the heavenly chorus."

Governor Baker’s recent budgetary vetoes highlight another area where the Massachusetts Constitution and the federal Constitution differ.

The target audience for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance poll on MBTA reform may have been political insiders or public outsiders. It's questionable how much either group took notice. 

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