Massachusetts Republican Party

Curt Schilling’s decision to run against Elizabeth Warren is akin to her demanding the ball in Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS. No experience and better options were on the mound. 

Seven special elections introduced seven new white males to the State House. When it comes to representation the answer to the question, Are We Not a Little White for That Kind of Thing? appears to be a resounding No!

As criticism mounts about the Massachusetts Republican Party's Barely Legal fundraising campaign, it's Governor Charlie Baker who is most at risk. He can start by reading the fund raising letters before they go out.

Yesterday's decision by the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance to stand aside as the Republican State Committee flouts state law was another great day for big money.

Baker Seeks To Insulate The Massachusetts GOP From The Trump Wing Of The Republican Party

With the prospects of Donald Trump winning the Massachusetts GOP primary tomorrow, it is hard to imagine a worse time to try and bring some common sense to the Republican State Committee.

Here's a little surprise. In recent special election primaries it has been the Massachusetts Republicans, not the Democrats, who have been nominating diverse candidates.

Last week a judge in Texas brought some common sense to the politically motivated criminal charges against former Governor Rick Perry.

Just yesterday it seemed that my colleague Professor Cunningham, was ready to jump on the Charlie Baker bandwagon to help make the Republican Party competitive at the national level. 

Little did Mo know that the Governor was guilty of “traitorous behavior.”

Massachusetts can provide a model for the kind of change we need in the dangerous method we currently employ to choose vice presidential candidates.

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