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Today James Comey took down Donald Trump for the liar and low figure that he is. But Comey also provided important reminders about the functioning of American institutions, ideas, and individuals.

An updated collection of mostly my own posts on dark money in Massachusetts, with reflections on what I've learned since the Question 2 campaign. Read 'em and weep.

Remember earlier this Red Sox season when the Baltimore Orioles Manny Machado injured Dustin Pedroia and the Sox retaliated by having a pitcher throw a beanball at Machado's head? The new pseudo-organization Boston Education Action Network (BEAN), funded by anti-union Strategic Grant Partners, is aiming a BEANball at the Boston Teachers Union.

The Philanthrocapitalists who spent over $17 million in dark money to buy education policy in Massachusetts in 2016 remain hidden. That can, and should, change.

All hail the 2017 graduating class of Boston's great urban public research university: the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Dark money is a hard story to understand precisely because the wealthy interests behind it don't want us to understand it. But we can do a better job if journalists make it a priority and regulators give them some help.


While Kellyanne Conway was shilling for candidate Donald Trump on their Morning Joe program, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski knew of her contempt for Trump. But they never told their viewers - until Monday. This is journalism?

Donald Trump's autocratic aspirations were on full display this week. He gives us no reason to deceive ourselves. The Doomsday Clock for Democracy is ticking.

It was great to see Barack Obama at the Kennedy Library being awarded the Profiles in Courage Award. But the 2018 winner is going to have to exhibit extraordinary courage - a Republican senator is going to have to save the nation from Donald Trump.

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A quick and simple deal to prevent the Civil War? Deals were discussed but failed to prevent war, a fact unknown to our mis-historian in chief.

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