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It was great to see Barack Obama at the Kennedy Library being awarded the Profiles in Courage Award. But the 2018 winner is going to have to exhibit extraordinary courage - a Republican senator is going to have to save the nation from Donald Trump.

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A quick and simple deal to prevent the Civil War? Deals were discussed but failed to prevent war, a fact unknown to our mis-historian in chief.

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Extra protection for the lucky. That's one way of looking at an absurd equal protection claim by Massachusetts plutocrats now headed to the Supreme Judicial Court.

Many Massachusetts Democrats are mocking Scott Brown's nomination to be Ambassador to New Zealand, but Brown may have the last laugh. He'll be protecting a vital national interest: America's panicked super-rich.

The dark money sharks of 2012 and 2016 also had a hidden interest in the 2013 Boston mayor's race.

Recent education policy shifts in Massachusetts have been directed by a handful of wealthy sharks who have hidden behind dark money. Until now.

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As pundits search for clues in the grisly death of Repeal and Replace, the trail leads back, as usual, to the dark money Kingdom of Koch.

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Who knew repealing health care could be so complicated? Lessons from the near death and continuing life of Obamacare.


Let's resist, march, protest, call our legislators, organize, support refugees and immigrants, contribute to ACLU and Planned Parenthood - but please, no polling.

Wikipedia: by Nicholas Shepherd, 1846

Even the most ardent Liberals have Trump voters in their family or among their friends. Some commentators advise we seek to understand them, others that we condemn them. What's a conscientious Liberal to  do? Advice from Abraham Lincoln.

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