Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance

Last week the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance passed off another round of fake information as a "poll." But it couldn't have done it without help from local media.

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Extra protection for the lucky. That's one way of looking at an absurd equal protection claim by Massachusetts plutocrats now headed to the Supreme Judicial Court.

Common Cause Massachusetts says the 2014 Disclosure Act cast a light on political dark money, but there are plenty of loopholes yet to be closed.

Why would New York hedge fund managers care who represents Eastie in the Massachusetts senate? The answer is hidden in dark money, and our commonwealth teeters on the verge of becoming a dark money empire.

Need to make a self-interested policy sound like an altruistic contribution to the public good? A dark money investment can buy you a glowing research study, from the Department of Dubious Research.

Great Schools Massachusetts has some dicey dark money allies in its campaign for more charter schools, like Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance. Our democracy is transforming into a dark money farce-ocracy.

Is Mass Fiscal Alliance's Rick Green going Bernie Sanders on us? He's lining up with publicly financed political campaigns and on the wrong side of the Elizabeth Warren 'you didn't build this' formula.

Lessons from Abraham Lincoln on why the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance's fraudulent "poll" should be exposed.

The target audience for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance poll on MBTA reform may have been political insiders or public outsiders. It's questionable how much either group took notice. 

Was I too strong last week in describing the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance "poll" on MBTA reform as a fraud? I don't think so.

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