Democrats for Education Reform Massachusetts is pushing a poll on Boston teachers that has two problems: we have no way to evaluate the poll, and we have no way of evaluating DFER MA.

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance's latest poll is a worthy candidate to fill up your trash bin.

Today I take a day off from politics and as I've been doing since 2012, to brag about the wonderful students who are graduating from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

There was a lot of pretend, deceit, manipulation, and lying in politics in 2015, but there can be only one winner of the coveted Jocelyn Hutt Award for Fraud in Politics.

Planned Parenthood protesters win not in changing women’s minds but in changing their calculus. Protesters inculcate fear and shame amongst women seeking to receive the healthcare that is their right. Protesters win even on days when they are not there by inculcating the mental anguish potential patients feel when thinking about their presence. They win by necessitating bulletproof glass and screenings for weapons upon to enter a healthcare clinic. They win by making the threat of violence a part of accessing women’s healthcare.

What if the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance fraud "poll" really is legitimate? Here are some steps the Alliance could take to show it has run a  valid poll.

Massachusetts residents love Beantown but understandably resent it when their own roads, infrastructure needs, and other projects run a perpetual, and distant, budgetary second place. A Boston Olympics will only exacerbate this trend.  

If you’re wondering whether a 501 (c) 4 can jump the shark, take a look at the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance’s recent voter education effort.

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