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Barack Obama can't be president because he lacks a valid birth certificate. Judge Gonzalo Curiel can't rule on a legal case fairly because he is of Mexican heritage. So it is in the world of Donald Trump.  But it's Trump who is un-American.

One Bernie Sanders legacy is more positive feelings toward socialism among the young, but what does socialism mean? Is Scandinavian style "socialism" really socialism, and could it succeed in America?

In the waning time before the last Democratic presidential primaries, Sanders has hitched his hopes on the superdelegates overturning pledged delegates and giving him the nomination.

A key part of his case hinges on general election polls, with the claim that they show he would be the stronger nominee against Trump.  While there are many reasons why superdelegates are quite unlikely to do this, there are five specific reasons why polls won’t help Sanders shift superdelegates.

Is the Republican Party a Party without Leaders?

When Mitt Romney set out the reasons why the Republican Party must not nominate Donald Trump, he was playing the role of party elder statesman. Now that Romney has spoken, who else does the GOP have to take that role?

We are very proud that Professor Shannon Jenkins of UMassDartmouth is joining the MassPoliticsProfs. Look for her upcoming posts and welcome Prof. Jenkins to the fray!

Can Senator Rand Paul build on the strong New Hampshire showing of his father Ron Paul in 2012? Or has libertarianism peaked in the Live Free or Die state? Professor Chris Galdieri has the answer.

If New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets elected president, his first "thank you" should go to Maine Governor Paul LePage.

Republican presidential candidates face a dilemma on same sex marriage. What will excite GOP caucus goers in Iowa will doom prospects in New Hampshire; but playing to New Hampshire voters means devastating defeat in Iowa.

In the season finale of HBO's Veep, Selina Meyer and her opponent tied with 269 Electoral College votes. Does the Constitution get her to 270?

MIke Huckabee and Rick Santorum have both taken the Iowa caucuses and several other primary states. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry returns a more experienced and formidable candidate. But unless they can get the endorsement of party insiders, they are all doomed in 2016. 

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