Chris Christie and Charlie Baker face very similar political circumstances – Republican Governors in deeply blue Northeastern states.  Mitt Romney strongly considered Christie for his presidential ticket.  But when all three had to decide on a Donald Trump Presidency, at one of the last junctures where he can be derailed from the GOP nomination, only the Massachusetts men said “no.”  If Trump wins, Christie is culpable.  Governors Baker and Romney decided quite differently.

So, yes, the GOP needs more Baker and more Romney.  It needs more Massachusetts and far less Jersey. 

MIke Huckabee and Rick Santorum have both taken the Iowa caucuses and several other primary states. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry returns a more experienced and formidable candidate. But unless they can get the endorsement of party insiders, they are all doomed in 2016. 

This past spring, I put together a hierarchy of Massachusetts political endorsements.  As we approach election day, I am republishing with some updates.  One big caveat; No one endorsement is a game changer.  Elizabeth Warren couldn’t save John Tierney, Michael Dukakis couldn’t boost Mike Lake, and Mitt Romney couldn’t bring more Republicans into the Legislature in 2004.  Candidates and conditions (statewide and national) matter.

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