Mitt Romney

Is the Republican Party a Party without Leaders?

When Mitt Romney set out the reasons why the Republican Party must not nominate Donald Trump, he was playing the role of party elder statesman. Now that Romney has spoken, who else does the GOP have to take that role?

Chris Christie and Charlie Baker face very similar political circumstances – Republican Governors in deeply blue Northeastern states.  Mitt Romney strongly considered Christie for his presidential ticket.  But when all three had to decide on a Donald Trump Presidency, at one of the last junctures where he can be derailed from the GOP nomination, only the Massachusetts men said “no.”  If Trump wins, Christie is culpable.  Governors Baker and Romney decided quite differently.

So, yes, the GOP needs more Baker and more Romney.  It needs more Massachusetts and far less Jersey. 

Does America really need Mitt Romney? Mitt Romney thinks so.

Last month I suggested Charlie Baker’s path from defeat to the Corner Office might be a model for Mitt Romney’s third run for the White House.

Today I’d like to suggest another path that the former Governor should seriously consider.  That’s the one taken by John Kerry.

A Boston columnist recently mocked Massachusetts and the presidential pretensions of its politicians. But come to think of it the nation could do much worse than Elizabeth Warren against Mitt Romney, and probably will.

Among the many reasons former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney had to smile on election night 2014 was the ascension of Charlie Baker to Romney’s former office.  Those most interested in another Romney run will want to model Baker’s path from defeat to renomination to victory.

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