Ted Cruz

There is plenty of debate punditry available today. Avert your eyes. We really want to see what is going in the Invisible Primary.

Trump’s vanity candidacy is obviously a huge embarrassment to the GOP, but the reality is that Trump’s views are no more absurd than some of the others in the GOP field, like Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, for example. However, unlike Ted Cruz, Trump is incapable of pretending to be sane, and unlike Ben Carson, Trump has enough money and fame to keep himself in the headlines.

In discussing the presidential ambitions of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas with my mother recently I realized that the method to his madness was not actually foreign to me. My mother reminded me that he was employing a tactic that I perfected in my teenage years when I frequently frustrated the efforts of my parents to hold me accountable for various transgressions or my siblings' efforts to retrieve stolen goods from me. Senator Cruz, my mother assures me, simply [mis]appropriates the case against him, reversing the accuser and the accused in his telling. So simple, yet so confounding.

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