Ted Cruz

The GOP establishment has been cowering in horror at the Trump-Cruz insurrection and hoping someone can stop them. This is Marco Rubio's moment to prove that he is the moderate immoderate who can do the job.

Here are a few topics left on the cutting room floor of political discussion: how progressives are like the Direct TV ads The Settlers; funny things Marco Rubio says; Donald Trump, voting rights activist; and Ted Cruz, progressive.

Money had a good day and the citizens a bad day at the Iowa caucuses. In other words, business as usual in our campaign farce-ocracy.

The influential political science text The Party Decides argues that party activists decide who the presidential nominee will be. But the Republican Party hates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. What if one of them wins?

Hate Ted Cruz? Serving him up in an election he will lose to Hillary Clinton would be delicious punishment and would have the additional benefit of helping restore the credibility of the national GOP.  If the alternative is Trump, whose nomination would spell very serious trouble for down ballot Republicans, this seemingly bitter pill might be more palatable to the Republican establishment.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders et al. are outsiders who've mastered an old insider trick: bamboozling inattentive voters.

Carpet bombing, nuking, murdering terrorists' family members, the indiscriminate killing of innocent children. Republicans Ted Cruz and Donald Trump aren't tough. They're immoral.

Viewers expecting to see a game changing moment or learn something about the candidates are likely to be disappointed by tonight's Republican debate in Las Vegas.  But it will be an excellent forum to see who the candidates think we are.

My daughter’s English class read Jonathan Swift’s satirical classic “A Modest Proposal” and were assigned the task of writing their own satirical proposal for a curing serious social malady.  I thought the assignment timely, but a bit tricky.  The line between serious and satire in our national political conversation is definitely not as clear as it used to be. The line between comedy and the race for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination appears to have been completely erased.

Ted Cruz blasted the media during the CNBC Republican presidential debate for providing bombast and trivia over issue substance. Could Cruz be right for once?

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