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Extra protection for the lucky. That's one way of looking at an absurd equal protection claim by Massachusetts plutocrats now headed to the Supreme Judicial Court.

Many Massachusetts Democrats are mocking Scott Brown's nomination to be Ambassador to New Zealand, but Brown may have the last laugh. He'll be protecting a vital national interest: America's panicked super-rich.

The dark money sharks of 2012 and 2016 also had a hidden interest in the 2013 Boston mayor's race.

Recent education policy shifts in Massachusetts have been directed by a handful of wealthy sharks who have hidden behind dark money. Until now.

In Defense of the Massachusetts House of Representatives - Sort of

In April’s Boston Magazine, David Bernstein calls for the abolishment of the House, arguing that such a move would “improve efficiency, transparency, and responsiveness to the public.” While I don’t necessarily disagree with Bernstein’s identification of the problem, I certainly don’t agree with his cure. 

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As pundits search for clues in the grisly death of Repeal and Replace, the trail leads back, as usual, to the dark money Kingdom of Koch.

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Who knew repealing health care could be so complicated? Lessons from the near death and continuing life of Obamacare.

Remembering the gentleman from Massachusetts, Joe Martin

In the ten years I’ve served as Director of the Joseph Martin Institute at Stonehill College, I’ve had plenty of conversations with students and guests where I find myself introducing them to Joe Martin the man and the Speaker of the House.


Let's resist, march, protest, call our legislators, organize, support refugees and immigrants, contribute to ACLU and Planned Parenthood - but please, no polling.

"Optics" Illusions in the Age of Trump

Donald Trump’s first speech to Congress last night was full of “good optics.” Trump’s effort to make Americans forget that he had, only hours earlier, blamed the military commanders for the death of Navy Seal William “Ryan” Owens was hailed by Liberal commentator Van Jones as the moment when Trump “became President of the United States.” WOW!  I say, the moment Van Jones declared Trump has become the P.O.T.U.S. is the moment when optics finally and totally eclipsed substance in American politics.

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