American politics in 2018 is a hot mess. The Age of Trump will almost certainly be understood as a chaotic and terribly destructive time in American politics when our institutions were strained to the limit and democratic norms of conduct were shattered. Not so in Massachusetts, however.

Boston billionaire Seth Klarman switches from Republicans to Democrats with $222,000 in donations, Sunday Globe front page. Klarman  gives over $3 million in dark money to ballot campaign, barely a mention. What's the story?

How the Boston Globe's Scot Lehigh is getting it wrong, and Massachusetts Parents United's Keri Rodriguez is getting along - with a little help from the Financial Privatization Cabal.

Massachusetts Parents United is the glossy new facade in corporate education reform. Ignore the veneer. Follow the money.

Betsy DeVos's disastrous 60 Minutes interview raises an important question: is she the uninformed leader of a movement whose followers know little more than she does?

The Democratic primary race in the Seventh Congressional District between Michael Capuano and Ayanna Pressley could pivot on the distinction between party purities and heretical realities. We’ve seen this show before.

The drop of the Bay State from 1st to 8th in the U.S. News rankings will undoubtedly complicate Charlie Baker’s re-election effort, but it isn’t likely to cause the odds makers to move the state’s gubernatorial race from a “likely” re-election to a “toss up.” Nonetheless, it is clearly an unexpected gift to the three folks competing to be Baker’s general election foe.

There is a clear lesson here to be learned (or remembered), of course...

State Representative Solomon Goldstein-Rose of Amherst has decided to leave the Democratic Party and become an unenrolled voter and state legislator. Interestingly, he indicated that the move will not impact his commitment to the values of the Democratic Party or his willingness to work and vote with the Democrats just as he has while a member of the party.

So…what’s the point?

The dark money front that spent tens of millions on the 2016 charter schools ballot question has collapsed in multiple scandals. Pay no attention. Follow the money.

Families for Excellent Schools of New York, which ran money for the Boston Financial Privatization Cabal in the 2016 charters campaign, fired its CEO Jeremiah Kittredge last week. But the scandal racked dark money front has more troubles.

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