Don't be fooled: Today's Republican party is no more gender-diverse than it was 20 years ago, in the testosterone-fueled aftermath of the so-called Gingrich Revolution.

Of all the State Representative districts wholly within one Massachusetts city, only one is held by a Republican. The city is Peabody; the Republican is Leah Cole.

The Scrum's Adam Reilly and David Bernstein speak with former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift about a possible Romney run for president in 2016; why women seem to love (or at least like) Charlie Baker; whether the national GOP has drifted too far to the right; inoculating against the three H's (hair, hemlines, and husbands); and the legacy of the late Governor Paul Cellucci.

Adam Reilly and David Bernstein talk about fake news sites set up by the national GOP to boost candidates, like so, which Bernstein wrote about here.

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