Trauma, Truthers, and (Maybe) Closure: Covering The Tsarnaev Trial
Three questions this week for reporters covering the trial of DzhokharTsarnaev: How does a reporter's personal life shape his or her coverage? What's the best way to engage Tsarnaev conspiracy theorists? Was this trial necessary for bombing survivors-- and Boston as a whole?
Bostonians In Exile

The Scrum podcast promises to talk politics & media "from Beacon Hill to the Beltway," and this week we took that literally. David S. Bernstein gathered up a few "Bostonians in exile" at the NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C.-- Boston Globe Washington correspondent Matt Viser; and USA Today reporter Donovan Slack.

Mrs. & Mr. 'New Boston ': Linda Dorcena Forry and Bill Forry

Each week on The Scrum we talk about media and politics, and this week we're talking with a couple who have their feet in both worlds

The Scrum Podcast Goes To Spin City

From the Boston Globe's cozy bureau high atop the State House (pictured), reporters Frank Phillips and Jim O'Sullivan churned out stories that could make the difference between the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in election 2014.

The Scrum Podcast: The 2014 Muzzle Awards

It's 4th of July weekend, which means Beacon Hill is down the Cape, Pops goes the 4th, and of course- the annual Muzzle Awards: Dan Kennedy's annual round up of 10 who have diminished free speech over the past year.

Politics and journalism are like gin and vermouth, inextricably bound together in the cocktail of public life.

Whether you are a journalist seeking to stay abreast of the best thinking and practices of internet-era reporting, a political player struggling to stay a step ahead of what we pesky hacks will be up to next, or a citizen junkie addicted to the spectacle of democratic struggle, then you should follow the Nieman Journalism Lab.

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