At the top of the list on The Scrum podcast this week: why the heck did Boston Mayor Marty Walsh go on a live radio show and defend John O’Brien?

Adam Reilly, Callie Crossley and Peter Kadzis discuss the impact of recent domestic violence bills and cases on the Massachusetts political landscape.
At the Boston Public Library, the site of the MassEquality/WGBH News Gubernatorial Candidates Forum, Peter Kadzis, David Bernstein and Adam Reilly break down the winners, like Jeff McCormick, Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman, and the losers, like Grossman's kidney stone.

Peter Kadzis channels Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross to explain why gubernatorial candidate Steve Grossman is trying to paint his opponent Martha Coakley as a flip-flopper.

Last week, state Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Steve Grossman called Attorney General and fellow gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley "squishy" on crime. 
Adam Reilly and David Bernstein ask: What's up with that?
Juliette Kayyem (spotty voting record) and Jeff McCormick (primary residence issues) have hit some bumps in the road to the corner office at the State House. 
Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis and David Bernstein put on their crisis management hats to assess the damage to the campaigns.
Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis and David Bernstein weigh the political and policy merits of GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker's plan for homelessness.
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